EBPA Japan Representative Position Announcement

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Evergreen Building Products Association (EBPA) Japan Representative Position Announcement

Background about the Evergreen Building Products Association The Evergreen Building Products Association (EBPA) is a US-based non-profit building materials association that promotes US building materials, and wood frame building design and technologies, internationally. The association achieves this through regular trade missions to overseas markets.

Established in 1999, the association is made up of building materials manufacturers, wholesalers and service providers. EBPA also has Japanese members who wholesale US building materials. EBPA cooperates with the US Department of Commerce (DOC) as a recipient of the DOC Market Development Cooperator Program. EBPA also cooperates with the US Foreign Agriculture Service.

EBPA’s program in Japan consists of two trade missions per year (Spring and Fall). These missions include US manufacturers and wholesalers and Japanese suppliers of US building materials. The missions include presentations and demonstrations about the use of US building materials, construction technologies, and wood frame housing and light commercial construction design.

Japan Representative Job Description 

The EBPA is seeking a collaborative, results oriented person to organize, promote, and execute two annual trade missions to Japan per year (held each Spring and Fall). This part time position requires approximately 90-100 hours of work per month for two months per mission (four months per year total). Approximately 10-16 hours will be needed three months prior to each mission to send letters and make phone calls to cooperators to ask for their endorsement of the seminars.

The US office works closely with the Japan representative to prepare for, and carry out the missions. The US office director travels to Japan for both missions to help with company communication and assist with mission-related work. The US office director also organizes travel arrangements (collects hotel needs, company profiles for the mailer, and works with companies to collect presentation materials, etc.) for US travelers and maintains communication with travelers from the US. 

Duties include:
1. Japan based representative will be responsible for organizing two annual, week-long, seminar series in three Japanese cities per mission. This entails:
a. Recruit audiences of Japanese builders, architects, and wholesalers for the EBPA seminars. An existing database of industry contacts will be provided.
b. Collaborate with residential construction and architecture industry associations and related government agencies to expand promotion efforts and where possible seek to expand the database and update the contact database as necessary.
c. Employ the use of social media, print media, phone recruiting and email to promote the seminars and recruit audience members.
d. Work with EBPA’s Japan-based design and printing firm to develop a promotional mailer for the seminars and oversee mailing.
e. In cooperation with the US office, EBPA and in-country contacts, identifying venue alternatives, make reservations and assist with program-related logistics for seminars in each location.
f. Work with the US office to make hotel reservations and book train tickets for mission travelers.
g. Travel with the mission group throughout Japan during the week long mission to serve as MC for seminars, on site contact with venues, and Japan mission leader. Travel expenses and a daily per diem are paid to the Japan representative.

2. Provide feedback about topics of interest in Japan’s building materials market and work with the US director to develop seminar content.
3. Work with the US office to prepare and maintain mission budgets and facilitate payment of vendors and venues in preparation for the missions. Maintain a small office account and prepare spending reports related to missions.
4. Conduct post-event survey of Japan attendees, report on findings and provide conclusions.
5. Send thank you correspondence to Japanese cooperators.

To Apply: Please send a letter of introduction describing your past work experience and a resume via email to: Rose Braden Director, Evergreen Building Products Association rbraden@ep.org